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Anyone can join Furness Music Centre - we don't make you audition and we don't have an quotas for the maximum number of a particular instrument or voice.  From a practical perspective only:
  • to play in the Training Orchestra you should should probably be able to play at Grade 1 standard
  • to play in the Community Orchestra you should should probably be able to play at Grade 2 or 3 standard or above.  We can provide simplified parts if a piece is too hard for you
  • to sing in our choir, you don't need to be able read music - although we will teach you if you wish

Please click on the button below to complete our Membership Form.(the form will open in a new tab in your browser)

Once you have submitted the form, our Membership Secretary will check the details that you have provided and may contact to clarify anything that is unclear.  Once your membership form is processed, you will receive an email providing a user name and initial password for this web site, which will enable you to access information on the members pages of this web site.

You may already have visited one of our rehearsals, but if not we look forward to seeing you one Saturday

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