About FMCjuniors

FMCjuniors provides an opportunity for children at primary school to learn to play a musical instrument in a fun, social and affordable way.  We have an experienced team of qualified instrumental teachers, providing lessons in violin, flute and clarinet for children in Years 2-6

There’s no need to buy an instrument – we can provide a free loan instrument for as long as your child is a member of FMCjuniors.  If you do want to invest in an instrument for your child we can provide advice on choosing an instrument or can source one for you.  If you would like to spread the cost, we can enable you to buy it over 12 months at no additional cost.

If your child already plays an instrument, they can join our orchestra session which is completely free.  In this session children learn the skills needed to play together and also participate in fun rhythm games to build up their musical skills.

We work hard to keep the cost for your child to learn an instrument at FMCjuniors as low as possible, at £17.50 a month payable by standing order over 12 months of the year.  FMCjuniors receives a grant from Cumbria Music Hub, which means that we can make the Orchestra and Rhythm Games sessions open at no cost to any young person of primary school age who is learning an instrument either with us, at their school, or with private lessons.

FMCjuniors is part of Furness Music Centre which provides opportunities for people of all ages and all abilities to make music together.  Furness Music Centre has a Training Orchestra, a Community Orchestra and a Community Choir and rehearses on Saturdays in term time.  Children leaning an instrument with us or attending our Saturday sessions are also welcome to join our choir, which meets at 12.45 - 2.30 each Saturday.

If you would like to explore any of these options, or would liker to visit us on a Saturday to see what we do, please send an email to FMCjuniors@furnessmusiccentre.com

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