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Furness Music Centre Awards

Each year (or thereabouts)  Furness Music Centre recognises those members who have either improved enormously, have gone that extra mile to help their colleagues, or have simply made an outstanding contribution to Furness Music Centre

We hold an 'awards evening' that is almost the complete opposite of the 'Oscars'.  There's no need to dress up (although you can if you wish!); everyone provide a little food (and there's always far too much);  some people perform a party piece (and some use it for exam practice!); and both Richard and Liz give speeches based on the previous year's events.  No-one (but no-one!) takes it seriously.  It is the FMC family getting together to celebrate the joy of making music, and just for a brief moment, providing deserving recognition for one or two of the family who deserve exactly that!

Our current award winners are:

Furness Music Centre Cup


Awarded to

For their contribution to orchestra over many years as both Heather and Ruby leave us

Furness Music Centre Shield


Awarded to Elisabeth Donachie

For extra special dedication to practice (Elisabeth) and wonderful progress (Charli)


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