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We are happy to support other organisations or individuals by playing at events.  We have played and sung at weddings, at church services and in other organisations' concerts

Please bear in mind that we are not a professional orchestra or choir, and so we will need time to practice any particular pieces that are to be played.  The performance will also have to fit in with our already busy schedule, so please make your enquiry in plenty of time - a request six months ahead of the date has a much better chance of being accepted than one two months before the date

If you would like one of Furness Music Centre's orchestra, choir or chamber group to play at your event, please in the first instance contact our Musical Directors:
To discuss a performance by the Community Choir, please contact Elizabeth Wiejak: 07721 692623,

To discuss a performance by the Community Orchestra or the combined choir and orchestra, please contact Richard Bagnall: 07773 169526,
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