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Richard Bagnall

Liz Wiejak

Concert Dates and Venues


Winter Concert          Saturday 3rd December 2016

See Events page for other forthcoming performances.


FMC and Furness General Hospital

We will be participating in an event at the hospital on 20th December at 2pm

We need to provide a choir of perhaps 15 or so and maybe 8 or 10 instrumentalists.

They would like us to provide about 20 mins of material from our FMC Christmas carols and songs.

Uniform, please.

We need written permission from parents of under 16s…. I suggested we wrote one letter and asked the parents to sign it over the next few weeks.

There will be refreshments for everyone.

We need an advance setting up party at 12.45 who will also be provided with sandwiches.


I have to send numbers to the hospital in advance so replies asap would be great


Parts and Practice Tracks

Orchestra Practice tracks and sheet music can now be downloaded from the Orchestra downloads page.  If you would like any other sheet music adding to the web site so that you can download it for private study, just email Peter - see the contacts page

If you need to know the username and password to get to the downloads, just ask Richard, Liz or Peter

Theory Class

We're still holding basic music theory classes.  These are free and take place at 12.00 on Saturdays.  

To find out more, contact Liz - see the contacts page




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